Access Records Management Sydney

Helps Access Records achieve delivery promise

Records management is highly competitive dominated by a few large players. However, Access Records succeeds against larger competitors by providing exceptional service levels, with guaranteed delivery in under two hours to anywhere in metro Sydney. A key enabler is smart storage systems including MantaMESH® wire decking.

Wire decking out-performs particleboard

MantaMESH for Records Management has twice as many longitudinal wires as normal. This prevents the edges of cartons from catching or snagging on cross wires, and distributes the load over a greater area, preventing heavy cartons from embedding into wires, and making them easier to slide on and off than on board.

Providing fast, safe, easy access for picking

“We asked our storage equipment supplier to come up with a cost-efficient design that would maximise space, provide safe, easy access to all storage locations, and meet increasingly stringent fire safety regulations. They recommended MantaMESH, rather than the particleboard we had traditionally used,” said Access Record’s Dale Rockell.

Compliant solution cuts sprinkler costs

MantaMESH provides superior fire safety to solid shelving, enabling the use of roofmounted, rather than more costly and obtrusive in-rack sprinklers. It also improves lighting, and prevents dirt and dust building up. “I also expect MantaMESH to be maintenance-free, unlike particleboard which warps and sags over time,” he said.

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